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    The professional solution to easily extend your Shopify store with your own checkboxes, text fields, dates, selection lists, custom objects and much more. Upload images and PDF files. Cross-reference your objects to create anything you need to build your business

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  • Professional features

    ACF provides you with a myriad of features for enriching and personalizing your store

    • ballot

      Multiple Field Types

      18 different field types including date picker, markdown text, selection lists, tagging and custom JSON objects

    • link

      Cross-reference Objects

      Easily build cross-references between Shopify objects — Articles point to products, pages to collections etc.

    • border_color

      Smart Fields Editor

      Edit your custom fields in their right context. Edit multiple variants together with your product fields

    • cloud_upload

      Media Upload

      Upload any number of images and PDF files and serve them to your visitors via a global CDN

    • collections

      Advanced Image Handling

      Perform image resizing and cropping as well as more advanced features directly in Liquid, no scripts required

    • import_export

      Bulk Editing

      Bulk edit your custom fields via Excel. ACF supports upload of both CSV and native XLSX files

    • loyalty

      Customer Fields

      Allow your customers to edit their own custom fields including upload of their own images and files

    • repeat

      Repeatable Blocks & Fields

      Add multiple values for fields dynamically while you edit for different products, collections, pages etc.

    • photo_filter

      Field Filters

      Streamline your editing process by live filter fields by product type, blog, page, collection or template

    • note_add

      Automatic Product Tagging

      Tag your products automatically using custom field values and use them for collection filtering

    • stop_screen_share

      Sitemap Control

      Hide individual pages, products and more from Google and internal search

    • extension

      API Access

      Update your custom fields using Shopify and ACF API. Perfect for PIM integrations


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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is ACF for, exactly?

    There are literally thousands of use cases for ACF. This is just a very small selection of what our customers have built — product retail prices, specifications, dimensions, weight, materials, ingredients, usage/cooking/washing/assembly/DIY instructions, online manuals, youtube links, delivery lead times, certifications, warranties, return policies, galleries/slideshows, product/customer testimonials and reviews, related products and collections lists, "Frequently bought with" and "Goes well with" lists, FAQ sections and acquiring customer details such as nickname, gender, birthday, sizing details, account numbers or business ids.

    You can also create extra fields to control your design layout such as creating custom product filters, hiding of specific products or articles from searches, CTA texts or tabs. You can even define dynamically embedded scripts that you need to have on certain products or pages. Get in touch with your use case and we'll gladly help out with how this can be addressed using ACF

  • Where are my custom fields stored?

    All custom field definitions as well as the values you enter are stored as metafields within your Shopify store. This means that you never rely on any third-party system but can trust Shopify to keep your data safe. Metafields are an integral part of the Shopify platform and provide secure storage for your data. One exception: due to restrictions in Shopify's API media uploads are stored externally on a secure Google Cloud server with daily backup (the reference to the media is stored in a Shopify metafield)

  • Will this work in my high-traffic Plus store?

    Without a doubt. Firstly, retrieval of metafield values (where your custom fields' values are stored) is done by Shopify within Shopify's infrastructure, so it's no different from any other piece of content you create inside Shopify. Secondly, media uploads (with or without image resizing/cropping) are served directly via world-class software services such as Google Cloud Platform, Cloudflare and Cloudinary with very low latency

  • How do I show my custom fields on my storefront?

    Using Liquid together with Shopify Metafields, you can easily integrate the values into both your design and notification templates. Our Help Center shows examples covering the supported field types as well as tutorials to work with our various features

  • Can I use ACF to manage existing metafields from other apps?

    Absolutely. Just as well as ACF lets you define fields in discrete namespaces to keep it from updating metafields from other apps, you can also use it to handle metafields defined by other apps. ACF features an easy-to-use wizard to find existing metafields created by other apps and will automatically reuse any existing values

  • The app installation requests managing of my store? Really?

    To be able to store metafields for a Shopify object such as a product or a page, ACF needs to have access to that object. This is how Shopify works. Rest assured, that ACF does not modify or delete anything in your store other than the Shopify metafields we use as the foundation for your custom fields - with the exception of any Shopify data you specifically choose to update via ACF's functionality, such as product tags and customer emails. Please see our privacy policy.

  • I have another question?

    Get in touch via email hello@accentuate.io or use the contact form

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  • Help Center

    Getting custom fields integrated with your storefront requires a bit of programming flair. Our Help Center shows you the basics of how to integrate Shopify metafields into your theme templates

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Privacy Policy

Accentuate Custom Fields ("the App") acts as an editor for Shopify metafields ("the Service") for merchants who use Shopify to power their stores. This Privacy Policy describes how personal information is collected, used, and shared when you install or use the App in connection with your Shopify-supported store.

Personal Information the App Collects

When you install the App, we are automatically able to access certain types of information from your Shopify account: Orders, Customers, Products and Content (such as pages, blogs and articles) This access is used solely for the purpose of reading, creating and updating data in your Shopify account. The App does not by itself collect and store any personal information outside of Shopify.

Service Providers

We may use third party services such as Heroku, Google Cloud Platform, LogDNA, Cloudflare, Cloudinary and others that collect, monitor and analyze certain types of information in order to facilitate our Service. These third party service providers have their own privacy policies addressing how they use such information. These third parties perform tasks on our behalf and are obligated not to disclose or use it for any other purpose.

Your Rights

If you are a European resident, please note that any information processed through the app will be transferred outside of Europe, including to Canada and the United States.


We may update this privacy policy from time to time in order to reflect, for example, changes to our practices or for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons.


If you have questions, or if you would like to make a complaint, please contact us by e-mail at hello@accentuate.io or use the contact form