The #1 metafields app for Shopify

Easily extend your Shopify store with your own fields like checkboxes, text fields, dates, selection lists and much more. Upload images and PDF files and cross-reference your objects to create anything you need to build your business
Grow your shop with custom fields
Accentuate Custom Fields integrates seamlessly with Shopify giving you a simple yet powerful interface to define custom fields for nearly any Shopify object and to edit values in the right context.

Building on Shopify's powerful metafield concept, Accentuate provides you with unprecedented options for enriching and personalizing your Shopify content.

Using Liquid together with Shopify Metafields, you can easily integrate the custom fields into your design template
Free license
Our free license applies to affiliate (development) stores, stores on a trial account with Shopify as well as shop on an NPO plan with Shopify

The license doesn't expire, but when/if your shop changes plan, you will be prompted to upgrade to the paid license
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Professional license
  • 30 days free trial
  • 16 different field types across all Shopify objects
  • Cross-referencing between Shopify objects
  • Image/PDF/video file upload backed by global CDN
  • Advanced image handling directly in Liquid
  • Quick navigation between objects when editing
  • Import/export of custom fields in both CSV and XLSX format
  • Same-day email support (within GMT office hours)
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Which custom field types can I define?
Accentuate provides support for a wide array of data types, such as simple text, HTML text, numbers, checkboxes, selection lists with both predefined and non-predefined values and date selection with support for various date formats. You can also upload images, PDF files and videos directly to our secure Cloud storage.

Accentuate also supports cross referencing between various Shopify objects of your choosing, e.g. linking articles to products, products to other products (think related products), collections to pages etc.
Where do I enter values for my fields?
We take pride in enabling you to edit your custom fields values in the context where it makes most sense. Every object type (products, collections etc.) has its own details page in Shopify, where you'll find a button labelled "Custom Fields" under the "More actions" menu item. This will take you to a page showing you the exact fields, you have defined for the type. Enter the values and click Save. And you're done
Can I bulk edit custom field values?
For bulk editing purposes, you can use the export/import feature.

Use of other metafield tools for custom fields created with Accentuate, including Shopify's built-in editor for metafields, is strongly discouraged
Where are my custom fields stored? Are they secure?
All custom field definitions as well as the values you enter are stored as metafields within your Shopify store. This means that you never rely on any third-party system but can trust Shopify to keep your data safe. Metafields are an integral part of the Shopify platform and provide secure storage for your data.

Images, PDF files and videos for custom fields are stored on a secure Google Cloud server and served via a global CDN
How do I show my custom fields on my store pages?
Using Liquid together with Shopify Metafields, you can easily integrate the values into both your design and notification templates. Our documentation shows examples covering the supported field types
Is it possible for a customer to edit values for their defined custom fields?
Yes, you can build a form to accept values from your logged-in customer and have these values updated in Shopify
We're on Shopify Plus - do we need to pay for multiple installations?
If you are a Shopify Plus customer and have a development store as one of your 3 stores, send us the name of your development store before installing Accentuate. We will make sure that specific store doesn't get charged
Does Accentuate interfere with other metafield apps?
No, Accentuate lets you define fields in discrete namespaces to keep it from updating metafields from other apps
I've cloned my store and custom field values are not showing?
This is due to an internal reference structure inside Accentuate. Get in touch and we'll sort it out for you.
The app installation requests managing of objects in my store?
To be able to store metafields for a Shopify object such as a product or a page, Accentuate needs to have access to that object. Rest assured, that Accentuate does not modify or delete anything in your store other than the Shopify metafields we use as the foundation for your custom fields. Please see our privacy policy.
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